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Bringing the Healing Power of Music to Ill Children and Adults

Kathy Lord & Susan Weber


Music That Heals brings live, professional, musical performances to ill children and adults in various healthcare facilities. The program was co-founded in 1997 by musicians Kathy Lord and Susan Weber.

Linda Russell - Dulcimer/Hammer Dulcimer


Performances take place in hospice facilities, hospital lobbies, schools for special children, oncology units, out-patient clinics, burn centers, senior care centers, as well as children’s hospitals and homeless shelters. Our musicians are professionals, who are passionate about sharing their talents with patients, staff and visitors in these types of healthcare settings.


Since 1997, Music That Heals has reached over 350,000 people through live musical performances in healthcare facilities. Find out about the ways in which you can support our program.

Our Musicians

One of the distinctions of our program is the extraordinary talent of our musicians–true professionals in every sense of the word.  All are hand-selected to fit the needs of the patients and various healthcare facilities – Award-winning instrumentalists, Broadway musicians, Juilliard graduates, musicians who have not only worked with concert headliners, but who are themselves some of the best musicians in the industry.

Our Partners

We are forever grateful to all of the foundations, charitable trusts, private companies, and individuals who have donated to Music That Heals over the years. Some of our donors have been supporting our program since its inception in 1997. We couldn’t do it without you.

Who We Serve

Music That Heals brings the healing power of music to ill children and adults at various healthcare facilities: hospice units, children’s hospitals, cancer centers, out-patient clinics, dialysis centers, hospital lobbies, and bedside concerts on various hospital floors. 


Upcoming Events & Recent News