Music That Heals

Music That Heals is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, co-founded by musicians Kathy Lord and Susan Weber, that brings live, professional, musical performances to ill children and adults in various healthcare facilities in the tri-state area, as well as one monthly performance at a Care Center in Kentucky. Performances are adapted to the various needs of each patient and take place in hospitals, hospice facilities, AIDS units, children’s homeless shelters, schools for children with autism, schools for children with cerebral palsy, out-patient treatment center lobbies, and at the bedside of the patient. The program now has a roster of over 45 professional musicians who work through the program, serving over 35 healthcare facilities each month with live professional musical performances.

Kathy Lord, Co-Founder

Kathy Lord is a professional musician, published songwriter, vocalist, recording artist, and co-founder of Music That Heals. “My performance career has covered a wide variety of venues, beginning as a solo artist, (vocals/guitar) and continuing with the formation of the Lord & Weber Band in 1984.” Kathy has performed at various concert venues in Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, and Bermuda, as well as on cruise ships, at private parties, clubs, at commercial functions, and in concert halls. The Lord & Weber band has shared the stage with names such as Glen Campbell and Tammy Wynette.  They were invited to perform during a visit from the Dalai Lama at a major NYC hospital, and have performed at functions attended by U.S. Presidents.

Kathy participated in the Artist and Repertoire project for the world-renowned Nana Mouskouri.  She received an album credit on the “Return To Love” album.

Kathy serves as a judge at the “Music Under New York” auditions and is an annual presenter at The Juilliard School of Music, where, in her speeches to students, she extols the power of music to heal. She describes her firsthand experience of performing at a healthcare facilities and the unique  gift musicians have to give people who are ill, suffering, depressed, or physically and/or emotionally disturbed.

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Susan Weber Maurer, Co-Founder

A professional musician since 1979, Susan Maurer also holds a doctorate in world history. She has performed with her music partner and friend, Kathy Lord, since 1984 as Lord and Weber, enjoying a top-20 hit single in Europe (“Foolish Heart of Mine,” written by Kathy Lord) and performing in concert and dance halls, cruise ships, and special events both as a duo and with their band. In 1997 the duo created Music That Heals in order to bring the healing power of music to people suffering from a multitude of health issues.

After having lived and performed in Europe over a period of several years, Susan has returned to her native New York, where she continues to offer performances with Kathy. In addition, Susan enjoys her second career as a college professor, teaching courses in world history, western civilization, and world religions. For a more complete curriculum vitae, please see Susan’s LinkedIn profile at:

“There is little question that music is therapeutic. I have become a ‘believer’ only through first-hand observation of what music has done for so many of my patients. I have seen children who were lethargic become wakeful; I have seen others who were suffering from enormous anxiety over impending surgery become upbeat. I support with pleasure efforts to raise funds to provide live performances to children afflicted with serious and life-threatening diseases.”

-Dr. Fred J. Epstein
World-renowned neurosurgeon and Former Chairman of the Department of Neurosurgery at Beth Israel Hospital

Kathy Lord
Board of Directors
Gloria Gabriel, Vice President/Treasurer
Paulette Mancuso, Secretary
John Philip, Attorney
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