Each Music That Heals performance is a unique experience for both the participating musician and their listeners. Musicians often find themselves in some of the most intimate settings, where they must be extremely sensitive and aware of their surroundings while keeping one question in mind: “What gift can I give at this moment to this particular audience?” Whether it be it an audience of one in a hospital bed, or a cancer center lobby with passersby, these performances are about talented musicians sharing their music with people to help lift their spirits and add something positive to their day. We have thousands of letters from facility staff sharing stories and comments from patients about the value of a program such as Music That Heals. At this time the program has reached over 350,000 children and adults through live musical performances. Last year the program scheduled over 400 performances in various facilities, more than one a day. Being a talented musician is a unique gift that is not given to everyone. Music That Heals gives musicians the opportunity to share that gift with the most appreciative audiences they will ever find.

Red Sahara - Sabrina Clery  and Vita Tanga
Red Sahara - Sabrina Clery and Vita Tanga

“Music That Heals is a phenomenal program that brings smiles, laughter and normalcy to children thrust into the chaotic environment of the hospital. Thank you again for providing such an invaluable service.”

-L.Lerma, Child Life Director, Brooklyn Hospital

“We got a lot of kind words and attention at the NYU Perlmutter Cancer Center. Indeed there is no lack of suffering around and music is really a sweet way to be part of the solution!”

-Vita Tanga – Red Sahara


Adrian DiMatteo- Guitar/Vocals -Multi-instrumentalist
Adrienne Fenemore – Keyboard/Vocals
Blac Rabbit – Guitar/Bass/Vocals
Bob & Bronagh Batch – Guitar/Vocals
Bob Curiano – Guitar/Vocals
Bob Horan – Guitar/Vocals
Cynthia Sayer – Jazz Banjo
Dave Diedrich – Keytar/Vocals
Dave Jay – Guitar/Vocals
DNA’s Music – Steel Drum/Vocals
Evan Harris – Saxophone
Evan Schwan – Saxophone/Flute/Clarinet
Gary Vidito – Guitar/Vocals – Kentucky Musician
Glenn Crytzer – Guitar/Vocals
John Adisano – Guitar/Vocals
Johnny Jake – Guitar/Fiddle/Vocals
Jolene Davis – Violin/Keyboard – Kentucky Musician
Joseph Trent – Flute
Larry Eagle – Drums/Percussion
Lee England Jr. – Violin
Linda Russell – Hammer Dulcimer/Dulcimer/Vocals
Lisa Tannenbaum – Harp
Lord & Weber – Guitar/Bass/Vocals
Lorinda Jones – Celtic Harp – Kentucky Musician
Luellen Abdoo – Violin
Magic Bones – Guitar/Bass/Vocals/Percussion
Margery Fitts – Harp
Mark Sganga – Guitar/Vocals
Michael Dadap – Guitar
Mike Barry – Guitar/Vocals
Misha Tsiganov – Piano
Nasim Siddeeq – Guitar/Vocals
Nick Demopoulos – Guitar
Oren Fader – Classical Guitar
Paula Atherton – Saxophone/Flute/Vocals
Red Sahara (duo) – Guitar/Vocals
Richard Frank – Guitar/Vocals
Richard Younger – Guitar/Vocals
Sean Grissom – Cajun/Classical/Cello
The Poor Cousins – Violin/Guitar/Vocals
Victoria Paterson – Violin
Willa Bassen – Keyboard/Vocals
Willie Martinez – Drums/Percussion/Vocals
Yeou-Cheng Ma – Violin



Bronx Calvary Hospital – Bronx, NY
ADAPT – Bronx School for Children with Cerebral Palsy – Bronx, NY
Calvary Hospital – Brooklyn, NY
Children’s Hospital at Montefiore – Bronx, NY
Coney Island Hospital – Brooklyn, NY
Cornell Weill Presbyterian Hospital – New York City
Cornell Burn Unit – New York City
Elizabeth Seton Pediatric Center – Yonkers, NY
Frances of Paola Early Learning Center – Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Howard Haber Early Learning Center – Bronx, NY
Lenox Hill Hospital – New York City
New York Presbyterian Hospital of Queens – Queens, NY
NYU Langone Medical Center – New York City
NYU Langone Brooklyn Hospital Medical Center – Brooklyn, NY
NYU Rusk Center for Rehabilitation – New York City
NYU Langone Perlmutter Cancer Center – New York City
Queens Center for Progress – Queens, NY
Sansbury Care Center – St. Catharine, Kentucky
School for Autistic Children – Queens, NY
St. Mary’s Hospital for Children – Queens, NY
Stephen D. Hassenfeld Children’s Center – New York City
SUNY Downstate Hospital Pediatrics – Brooklyn, NY
SUNY Downstate Dialysis Center – Brooklyn, NY
Terence Cardinal Cooke Health Care Center – New York City
The Children’s Hospital at Maimonides – Brooklyn, NY
Tully Health Care Center – Stamford, Connecticut

“For me it is a perfect union; I get to share my love for music while the people I’m playing for (waiting for their chemo treatment for instance) seem to be comforted, uplifted, and temporarily transported from their distress.”

-Luellen Abdoo, Violinist

Emma Sutton and Teresa Tedder Concert In Kentucky for Sansbury Care Center
Emma Sutton and Teresa Tedder Concert In Kentucky for Sansbury Care Center
Bob Horan Brooklyn Calvary Hospital
Bob Horan Brooklyn Calvary Hospital

“Music That Heals is truly so healing in the way it touches the lives of the patients and families -the most profound at times is the ability for music to really hold someone, when there are no words and gestures that can.”

Lenia Batas, MPS, LCAT, ATR-BC, CCLS - Director, Child Life Services - Maimonides Infants & Children's Hospital
The Lucky Tones Tully Health Care Center
The Lucky Tones Tully Health Care Center
Dave Jay (guitar) - at the Pediatric Patients at Maimonides Cancer Center
Dave Jay (guitar) - at the Pediatric Patients at Maimonides Cancer Center
Nick Demopoulos and Evan Schwam Calvary Hospice
Nick Demopoulos and Evan Schwam Calvary Hospice